Common Threads

A Year of Tolerance Initiative

18 DEC 2019—29 FEB 2020

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¬ Design & Production

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Common Threads is a visual narrative that celebrates the diversity of the UAE, which is home to a multicultural society of residents from over 200 countries around the world. Through a collection of over 32 portraits, profiling individuals that represent various backgrounds, nationalities and professions, the exhibition provides visitors and the international community a glimpse of the personal experiences and stories that personify the rich culture of respect, coexistence and tolerance in the UAE. Commissioned by The Year of Tolerance Higher Committee, Common Threads in Partnership with Dubai Airports features work by renowned UAE-based photographers Mohamed Somji, Augustine Paredes, Aqib Anwar, Mahra Almehairi, Ola Allouz, Darah Ghanem, and Sarfaraz Ali.

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